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About Gorilla Tornado

About Gorilla Tornado

Currently based in Santa Cruz, California, Dave Jeffords is a skilled photographer, musician, and tornado of funk capturing images from around the state. If you are looking for a friendly, experienced professional for pet photography, quality shots of a gig, promotional pictures for an upcoming album, automotive event, or would like to have someone capture priceless memories, Dave offers affordable prices for quality photography, videography, and editing.

He has been heavily focused on photography for the past eight years, documenting everything from fun filled moments to colorful, abstract textures and objects. With over ten years of experience with Adobe Photoshop and eight years with Lightroom, Dave is also an expert editor and photomanipulator. He does videography projects as well, which you can see on the Gorilla Tornado Youtube Channel, by clicking on the Video link above.


Dave "Gorilla Tornado" Jeffords

Phone : 408-250-4115

Email : gorillatornadophotography@gmail.com

Facebook : Facebook.com/GorillaTornado

Instagram: @gorillatornado

Youtube: Gorilla Tornado Photography Youtube Channel

Based out of Santa Cruz, CA.


Photo by Eli Thomas-Bottom. EliBottom.com