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Professional. Reliable. Affordable.

     Gorilla Tornado Photography provides more than image capturing services, when you hire Dave you're getting a creative team member who there's to expand the possibilities of your digital media arsenal. Equipped with a wide variety of  gear for indoors and outdoors, any situation can be tackled. You will get what you want and need for social media, flyers, advertising, logos, memories, commercial needs and more, all while having a great time! 

General Photo/Video/Editing services are available from $25-$50 an hour depending on the project needs and travel distance. 


Autocross, Drift, Rallycross, Trackday, and similar event photos  are available for $4 each, and can be purchased using the Buy Photo button in the menu. 

Flat rates are available for full coverage of events, contact Gorilla Tornado Photography for group pricing and personal media package options.

With flat rate pricing you get a personal approach to your experience on and off the track,
where you can capture group photos, close up details and more.

Automotive Event Flat Rate Package Information

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Contact for Edited Video Pricing.


3-hr Promo Package

     The 3 hour shoot is perfect for budding musicians, artists, models, and small businesses - from headshots to flyer backgrounds you will be amazed at the variety, quantity, and quality of content you will get. If you need creative guidance this is your chance to tap into a great resource, and take some of the stress out of marketing. Promotional shoots normally utilize a minimum of three outfits and three locations, so you take home a wide variety of pictures to suit your needs. Editing and formatting time is included in the price.

Travel farther than 30 miles from  Santa Cruz, CA may include a small fee.


Automotive Shoots

     Do you want professional quality photos of your car or motorcycle, but it seems too expensive, or too overwhelming to manage all the details? Here's your simple solution. With the wide variety of stunning locations available in the Bay Area, we're guaranteed to be making great images of your machine, day or night , rain or shine. With a dual flash set up your vehicle will look good anywhere, anytime.  Composite photos are included, which means the size and level of detail you want is nearly limitless. Final photos can have resolutions upward of 10,000 x 10,000 pixels.

Travel farther than 30 miles from  Santa Cruz, CA may include a small fee.

Want Something Different? Not Sure What You Need?

     Gorilla Tornado Photography is here to help, send Dave an email and he will ensure you get a final product you are satisfied with.